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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Annual Parish Meeting

This year's Annual Parish Meeting has to be a record-holder of some sort. Whoever was recruiting volunteers to stand for the Vestry ought to be rewarded -- with a perpetual position as recruiter. We had twice as many candidates as there were open seats! And good candidates all (except for yours truly, whose vacation from the Vestry has been extended by another year): Congratulations to Matt and Sylvia.

This was also one of the quicker APMs I recall -- no wrangling for hours over some little point though the proposed 2009 budget almost took us there, as it usually does.

The "Remembrance Grove" project, planting Flowering Plums (prunus blireiana) as memorials OR remembrances of good events (as DJ said, "Your children pay off the money you loaned them for school") was brought before the parish and in no time all but one of the initial plantings were taken, at $120/tree. There will be a plaque identifying each such tree and the name or occasion or which they were planted. These should be attractive trees, especially when in blossom. We already have one such, known as the "Resurrection Tree" because at one point it wound up buried under a mound of dirt, yet it survived and thrived.


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