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Friday, April 10, 2009

Stations of the Cross

Despite it being a very cold grey drippy day (not all that unusual for the Pacific Northwet), at Fr. McGrath's invitation several of us from St. Bartholomew's joined a nearby church for the Stations of the Cross at noon.

This was very different from our service, in which the stations are all in the Nave so it's a few steps from one to the next, though Fr. Hoare in his time here made even that dramatic. Here we started in the church and then processed out across wet lawns and past dripping (though sometimes fragrant) gardens, returning to the church for closing prayers. All in all it took an hour, which surprised me.


  • At 5:18 PM, Blogger The Miller Menagerie said…

    I LOVE the Stations of the Cross. I've seen two recently that were amazing, not only artistically, but in their layout as well: Rosary Heights and The Grotto. Both of these places had outdoor Stations of the Cross, The Grotto's were spaced a little further apart, but both had so much seclusion, it was amazing for personal reflection!


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