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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


One of the difficult issues when a Rector leaves is the loss of some of the daily and weekly continuity at the church. We are losing the continuity of daily Matins and Evensong, though Fr. McGrath noted there were (very) often just him and the squirrels present.

But when the website was updated other things became evident. One was the possible passing of the Sunday 9 AM Scripture Study that's become a regular part of my family's Sunday, for all I have start waking the night-owl contingent at 7:48 AM. The Senior Warden's weekly parish e-mail (continuing a tradition of Fr. McGrath's) made no mention of such a study though I vaguely recalled hearing our Deacon, the Rev. Dr. Edward Miller, mention something about continuing. So I e-mailed him (it not being urgent enough for a phone call) and learned... yes, he and the Senior Warden had discussed this and we will resume the 9 AM Scripture Study.

Possibly Ezekiel. This could be interesting.


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