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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Picnic on the Boat

Summer definitely arrived today. Looking around at everything that has suddenly gone so green and growing fast we can see more of the damage from last winter's cold, cold blasts -- it was clearly much colder than some of the local vegetation's adaptations. Fortunately the gardens around the church seem to have been little harmed, though one large bush next to the paved parking didn't make it.

It also felt like summer hearing Rhonda and one or two of the girls were talking about "a picnic on the boat." This would be a good day for such, I thought, sunny and warm, but why were they loading plates from the coffee-hour buffet (as usual, a great spread from Elle and Marissa)? That seemed odd...

...until I guessed that they didn't mean a boat in the water, they meant the Ark up by the Fr. Leen Learning Center! Phyllis figured it out about the same time, and encouraged me to head up, ubiquitous camera in hand. Sure enough, three of the girls were setting up for a little picnic on the poopdeck of the Ark. (Not sure the original Ark had a poopdeck, but who knows?)

It must be summer...


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