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The ongoing saga of a Continuing Anglican church home, as seen by a member of the laity.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Last Sunday Arvalene had asked for a copy of the photo that I posted in the Final Fotos entry. As I was home, recovering from whatever bug I got (flu, I think; hits fast then fades quickly) I thought I'd queue that one up for printing. Except... I couldn't find it. (One of the downsides of being "historian"/photographer is the risk of losing pictures.)

Searched the computer, consulted Ordo Kalendar to establish dates in case it was misfiled, undeleted files on cameras' memory cards... nothing. But I did find that the work laptop had my Helsinki (Finland) photo-set tagged for transfer to the home machine and a while later, realizing it was in the timeframe of the picture I sought, I looked and there it was! Some St. Bartholomew's pictures got mixed in with my Helsinki photos, though they do really stand out, as noted by the difference here between our humble St. Bartholomew's, Woodinville WA U.S.A. and the magnificent Finnish Orthodox Uspenski Cathedral in Helsinki.


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