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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Not a Christmas Letter

There is so much going on I'm not able to blog it all. It took until this morning, a week later, to get a photo up on the first Family Campout entry. (I don't know why, but something was preventing my laptop from uploading photos from camp.) And I still have a photo from Sunday's Mass in the Rain on my cellphone to post on the second entry.

In the meantime none of the photos of the trip, including the visit to St. Augustine's in Chico CA, have made it from my cameras to the computer and probably won't until tomorrow. And I still haven't read the latest diocesan newsletter that came out Tuesday or Wednesday, I completely missed last night's event where St. Bart's fed Tent City IV (led by master chef Drew), and I haven't even mentioned St. Bartholomew's call for a new Rector yet.

For excuse, I have to fly to Chicago Monday to conduct a class for a group of software developers in a particular piece of technology I work with and my class powerpoint needs to be updated. Plus I am speaking July 31st at a conference back East and that powerpoint is due Thursday. Lots to do.

So why am I blogging? I just received an e-mail from Paul Jr. & Nancy, which sounds like they have been in a similar situation. It starts out: "As usual, we did not get a Christmas card out this year, Nor did we send graduation announcements for Ruby, so here is an update..."

Wow! Such news from fellow parishioners and I knew so little of it. But it's great news (or mostly so: prayers are requested for Paul Sr., who is in the hospital recovering from what was nearly "near multiple organ failure caused by complications from his prostate cancer").

I'm glad they didn't wait until Christmas.


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