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Saturday, July 18, 2009

St. Bartholomew's issues a Call

The news is almost a week old now, but as long as I'm logged in I should mention that the Vestry of St. Bartholomew's has concluded what must have been a difficult process on deciding which of our three candidates would become our next Rector. I had already known two of the candidates and after meeting the third (our first visitor), I knew the choice was going to be hard -- three excellent candidates, each with different strengths.

The decision was to issue a Call to the Rev. Robert Davis, currently at St. Luke's, Redding, California, and (knowing the process) the Letter was approved by Bishop Provence and accepted by Fr. Davis.

All my information about what is going on now is second-hand, because I have not been to St. Bartholomew's since sometime in June, given travel and illness. But I understand the target for Fr. Davis' arrival is approximately mid-August -- roughly about the same time Drew, Deedee & family will be moving to Redmond from Kent, much closer to work and church. Looks like we'll be needing to call up St. Bartholomew's Movers (who haven't been called up since sometime in the early 80s, if I remember correctly).

So... a welcome to Fr. Davis, and to our other two candidates: I only wish we could have called all three of you!


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