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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Stewardship Program and other happenings

Well, it's autumn and so, of course, the Stewardship Program (AKA Annual Ingathering) is underway. Being away (and not on the Vestry) I seem to have missed its start but it was clear from an item in this week's email from Fr. Davis to the Parish.

I just learned about other things going on, as well. Feeding Tent City 4 on Monday, November 30th; I wonder what our master chef Drew will come up this time for their repast.

And Barbara, bless her, has started a collection to support our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. (Last night, when our plane pulled up to the gate at SeaTac airport, one of the stewardesses added to the usual announcement to remain seated a remark about how we had "some of America's finest" aboard the aircraft -- before she could even finish the entire plane erupted in applause.)

That's it for now. Tomorrow morning I'll be at the airport again, on my way to the conference in Denver. It's too bad we don't have an 8:15 Mass.


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