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Friday, November 06, 2009

Touch and Go

In the previous post, I wrote:
But at least, Deo volunte, I will be home the week after that. Yesterday I narrowly dodged attendance the following week at a conference in Denver, to be present for the kickoff of yet another committee on which I am likely to serve.
Long story short: when I got back from dinner and checked my e-mail this evening I learned that I hadn't dodged it after all.
Fly home Friday,
Fly out Sunday,
Touch and Go.
The question is whether I can get an afternoon flight at a time that lets me attend Mass that Sunday and catch up with my parish family (e-mail just isn't adequate). Denver is close enough that it might be possible. Deo volunte.

Update 11/21: Wasn't possible; I was dropped off at the transit center to catch a bus to the airport, arriving about the time Mass began. BUT the morning after I returned from Denver, there was an e-mail inviting me to a Dept. of Energy workshop near D.C. in mid-December. Yet another trip loomed -- but there was a conflict so I will get to stay put at least until early 2010.


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