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Friday, July 23, 2010

Almost forgot!

Fr. Davis has had his hands quite full lately, but managed to get an e-mail newsletter/update off to the parish at... 2 AM??? (Well, okay, at camp Fr. Webb and I were clearly the early-birds, up at dawn, and I guess Fr. Davis like the rest of my household is a night-owl.) And from what I read he's even busier than I knew. Please pray that the coming transition goes smoothly.

But I'm glad for the missive because it reminded me that tomorrow is Mens' Breakfast (8:30 AM Morning Prayer followed by breakfast and fellowship, and since our Junior Warden is away maybe not too much of an outside work party on a hot day (forecast to reach 80F with, ugh, sun, but when the cat's away...). Despite my previous post, I had forgotten.

He also notes that Tent City 4 will be moving in up Avondale tomorrow. We'll be providing a couple of suppers during this stay; the first by our youth in just two weeks, organized by Meghan.


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