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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Publick Baptism

I guess it's the disconnect resulting from too much travel and illness that I did not know Jack's baptism was scheduled for today -- or that it was even scheduled at all. As Fr. Davis joked, he should hand me a visitor's card! (We don't have such.)

But it was a delight to see the extended family present -- great-grandparents? Some all the way from Florida?

The Baptismal service itself was one I'd never seen before, and it required a four-page addition to the bulletin for us to follow. Although I confess I prefer the 1928 BCP, though I am neither a theologian nor a liturgist, I liked this baptismal service much more than the '28 which seems more oriented to adult converts. It turns out the service is from the 1662 BCP!

Maybe we need to mine our roots further for what I think is an inevitable new version of the BCP, if for no other reason than its calendar runs out in two or three years. (If/when "we" engage in a new version may I request appointment to the group, Archbishop Provence? We need to hold the line.)


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