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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Vendor Fair and Craft Sale

The St. Bartholomew's Anglican Church Womens' Vendor Fair and Craft Sale is going on right now in two sessions: 1 to 4 PM and again 6 to 9 PM (to allow folks to have dinner in between). This is quite different from past sales in that other vendors are present; perhaps this is the reason it's being held in a private house instead of the Parish Hall, with overflow into the Sunday School.

After setting up the lights outside (to be turned on when it becomes Advent tomorrow, my one pre-Christmas decoration -- it helps offset the winter gloom outside) I went over this afternoon to take a look. The instant I stepped in the dulcet tones of her cello told me Ruby is back from college!

The layout was interesting, with various crafts and vendors spread throughout the main floor of the house. Silver jewelry, stamps and so much more.

I had never heard of Tomboy Tools before, but their offerings were tools that seemed unusually well thought-out in terms of features (I liked the nail-setting hammer; I'd never seen one like it before but what do I know, many of my tools are older than me) -- but also very pink, which seems to be effective in keeping guys' hands off the tools.

Tupperware, of course. A shock to see there a toy our daughter played with a quarter-century ago. (Now with her Master's in Mechanical Engineering, maybe she'd like some Tomboy Tools for Christmas?)

And so much more.

At the last minute (poor planning on our part) I donated a few framed photos to the cause. One, the square in front of the Cathedral in Strasbourg, resonated with one of the vendors who'd been raised close by. Not how we'd planned to test the waters of selling photographs, but oh well. If you're in the area, come on by.


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