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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Autumn Feast

Sunday was definitely a great day to be home and able to attend Mass. A gorgeous sunny autumn day, even if it felt a bit chilly after a week in Atlanta's "heat" wave. It had been promising to be a dull autumn in the Seattle area, but upon my return it appears to be winding down with a fair amount of color and plenty of sunshine mixed in with the rain.

Sunday was also Trinity XXII (winding up towards the end of the church year and then Advent -- where has the time gone?) and, more importantly, the Feast of Christ the King back in its proper place (after last year's mix-up) on the last Sunday of October. As Fr. Davis explained this is a relatively new addition to the calendar: it's only 80 years old, and so it's not even in our Book of Common Prayer (1928). The Propers were from the Anglican Missal instead.

I'm home until midweek next week (Larry took the opportunity to twist my arm into reading the Epistle next Sunday, but to tell the truth I'm needing the practice) and then gone for a week and a half (Hot Springs VA and Atlanta). Looking at the schedule I thought I'd make the Mens' Breakfast this month (11/20), but then remembered I arrive at SeaTac airport somewhere around 12:40 AM.


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