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Sunday, November 07, 2010

"They also serve..."

I can't remember when I last read the Epistle AND served the altar; it was probably sometime last year. I arrived this morning expecting only to read, but Geoffrey (the Crucifer) sat on the Gospel side after the procession it sort of sank in that I was going to have read, ring the bells and serve the altar.

There were opportunities for things to go wrong. I decided to check the Epistle against the bulletin -- and discovered they were different! Checking with Fr. Davis I learned I'd prepared the Epistle for Trinity XXII, not XXIII. Fortunately there was time to read today's Epistle in advance, and it was relatively short and straightforward (Phil 3:17-21).

During the sermon I heard rustling in the Sacristy and decided to investigate (fortunately the Sacristy lights were off so opening the door was less distracting to the congregation). I found Larry preparing the thurible for censing the altar before the preparation of the Elements; he warned me that as a result I'd have to wait a bit before serving the altar. So warned, I was prepared.

Yet they still noted that I was standing by the Credence Table for a while, waiting.

Not a problem. It was just a joy to fully serve again. I have missed that.

And I jumped at the chance to claim the First Sunday in Advent on the roster. Even if I fly out again the following day.


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