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Friday, December 10, 2010

I can't wait...

...well, maybe I can seeing as how our youngest turns 21 tomorrow. What a story that was, involving a difficult nighttime journey through freezing fog leading a train of automobiles... but that's a story for private conversation.

I just read a review of The Dawn Treader movie --warning, it's a spoiler but I just re-read the book (after so many decades)-- and it looks good. The reviewer said, it's two hours of fun! (Plus a bit to think about, of course.) After the mild disappointments despite enjoyment of the previous two movies, I hope the producers have hit their stride. This should be as good as Harry Potter (which has become rather dark) and Lord of the Rings (waiting for The Hobbit remake if only to finally erase Ralph Bakshi's half effort from memory, and I forget who else attempted it).

Some of us will have lunch in the Parish Hall Sunday and then head out to the theatre together. Parish outings are always fun and this one, well, I can't wait... well, maybe I can, seeing...


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