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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Got off easy?

Yesterday was the first Mens' Breakfast & Fellowship (and work party) I've been to in some time. Partly because it's not every month anymore, and partly because I've usually been away. So I looked forward to this one, even though we were asked to "bring rakes" because the latest windstorm had once again left the parking lot full of debris from the trees.

During breakfast, following Morning Prayer, Fr. Davis mentioned that Larry was going to be bringing a list of additional things to be worked, given him by outgoing Junior Warden Paul (I am guessing that Larry is our new Junior Warden). But Larry didn't arrive, for whatever reason.

So we raked the drive and lot, and (I) went home. Just as well; it had been an extremely difficult week at work and I really needed some rest, though I wound up replacing the thermostats on the water heater instead -- it was delivering scalding hot water.

Today I will read the Epistle. It's nice being back into the swing of things, though trouble (as in yet more travel) is looming in the world of work.


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