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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Shrove Tuesday

I can only plead illness/low-energy for this photo from the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper this evening. I had positioned myself to get some good photos, but every time I took a shot something went awry. This was the best, though it doesn't show many sitting further back.

But regardless, we had a good turnout for Evening Prayer, with more showing up later. (In part this is due to Seattle traffic; rush "hour" is a difficult time to get around.)

And our chefs Gordon, C.J. and Bob (assisted by Geoffrey) were in usual good form serving up plain, apple, blueberry and (at a certain person's request, echoed by the kids) chocolate pancakes! With a choice of maple or Mrs. Butterworth's syrup. Bacon and sausage as well.

Kathy brought the syrups and was shocked at the price of maple syrup this year, but I seemed to recall they are having trouble with sugar maples -- some kind of root fungus? (Maybe next year I'll order some light and sweet Michigan maple syrup for the Michiganders in our midst.)

Kathy was also the first on the answer to Fr. Davis' question: "What is 'Shrove' in Shrove Tuesday?"

I ducked out a bit early because I really need more rest, but it was a good time regardless. And things seemed to be still cranking up at that point.

But tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and we'll be into Lent.


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