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Friday, January 27, 2012

Annual Parish Meeting

Well, it's that time again when we assess the past year and prepare for the new. This time last year I was writing my little piece about the KAIROS Prison Ministry, in which I have been active since 1990. Our parish has been a steady and strong partner in this endeavor for many years. Last year I asked for a financial commitment and was very pleased when little St. Bartholomew's and the Anglican Church Women came through. It takes courage and vision to step beyond our comfort zone, yet Scripture exhorts us to visit the sick and those in prison, and to take care of widows and orphans. Having recently become a widow I can attest to the comfort I have received from many in this church I have called home for over 28 years. I am grateful for the people of St. Bartholomew's who stepped up and freed me to participate in this life changing program. I have written an updated report which will be available in the booklet at the Annual Meeting on Sunday, January 29.

Father Davis asked me to prepare two additional reports for the booklet: Webmaster and Blogger. These are a legacy of love from my late husband, William (Bill) Swan. It was a difficult undertaking as I do not possess Bill's talent for writing, nor his gift for things technical. This year, after Bill went home to God, Neil Eney stepped forward and volunteered to assume the webmaster responsibilities. I am grateful to Neil for his support and will continue working with him during the transition. Please welcome and support Neil in his new capacity. I have retained the blog, but am willing to yield it to another if the Spirit moves.

Please pray for our parish as we move forward in sustaining and encouraging growth.


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