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Sunday, May 08, 2011

A time of travel

If the blog seems to be moving slow these days, there's a reason: I'm not home much, at least until sometime in June. My spring travel season started out looking fairly light, but filled in with a lot more travel than anticipated. (And it's not just me -- on some teleconference last week one of my colleagues was complaining about the travel one of our technical efforts has caused.)

Last Sunday I missed Tanaya's baptism and the ability to report on it -- I was on a plane to San Francisco, for a week of meetings of one of my technical committees.

The good news was that I was able to get away Wednesday evening for Evening Prayer and Mass at St. Thomas', or at least most of it. It took over an hour to get there from downtown by bus so I arrived in the middle of Evening Prayer, but at least I got there.

It looks like the Spring meeting of this committee (we meet quarterly) will now be held in San Francisco instead of in Maryland, so I may get to visit St. Thomas once a year about this time.

This Mother's Day morning I am back at St. Bartholomew's but will miss next Sunday's service because I will be again on an airplane, on final approach into SeaTac airport and home, from Germany and Paris.


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