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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Some "Triduum" photos

Not having much to say at this point, I thought I'd just post some photos of the altar through the Triduum so far, Maundy Thursday through Easter Even. This was not exactly a well-planned set, since I couldn't even remember from one day to the next what angle from which I'd taken previous photos. And if I had been really serious about this I would have set up the photos to get a fairly close color match between the photos (even though the lighting changed considerably, as the originals show). A pity I was serving and not able to take photos this evening -- I was unable to capture a dramatic shot of Geoffrey extinguishing the candles while sunlight streamed in through the incense haze (it's been suggested we take the nickname "Smoky Bart's," but we really don't use it that often or as heavily as a certain church in Texas).

Update 4/24: Easter photo added.


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