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Sunday, February 25, 2007

An Anglican Catechism

Last Wednesday I saw an item tacked on the bulleting board -- a notice of an upcoming Catechism class, "a Class for Inquirers and those who wish to be Confirmed or Received, based on the historic Book of Common Prayer." Fr. Daniel said he had about 10 people (!) signed up for this, and yesterday announced his "deer in the headlights" feeling, between organizing this class for a wide range of ages and the Wednesday evening Lenten study class. It's a lot of work; please put in a prayer for him.

Fr. Daniel also asked that longtime members of the parish sign up to provide an "afternoon tea" for the class, and to be in attendance for that class in support. This sounds like a great idea.

The classes will be held Saturday afternoons 4:15 - 5:45 PM; this will include Evensong. The schedule (as I am reading off an inferior photo):

March 3, Introduction: a Rule of Life
March 10, Mere Christianity I, the Apostles Creed
March 17, Mere Christianity II, the Lord's Prayer
March 24, Mere Christianity III, the Ten Commandments
March 31, Weather Date

Break for Holy Week

April 14, Christian Spirituality I, the Church Year
April 21, Christian Spirituality II, the Sacraments
April 22, Christian Spirituality III, an Instructed Communion (Sunday 10 AM)
April 28, Afternoon Tea & Evensong with the Bishop


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