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Monday, March 05, 2007

Cookies for Kairos

Kairos As has been noted in the Announcements for a few weeks now, Kathy has been busy collecting cookies and arranging prayer vigils for the upcoming Kairos Prison Ministry weekend at the Washington Womens' Corrections Center. The women and children of St. Bartholomew's (and maybe some of the men too? I didn't ask, though we have some good cooks) have been busily baking up a storm of cookies and decorating the bags in which they'll be given to the prisoners. Yesterday Kathy was almost frantically calling around Kairos staff to see who had freezer space for the 56 dozen cookies she's been given so far; she was completely out of space herself!

The prisoners attending Kairos will be isolated most of the time, from Thursday through Sunday, from the rest of the prisoners except (I am told) for breakfast and "Evening Count": a check that the prison has exactly the right number of prisoners present. But the cookies will be distributed to all prisoners during the event. This requires an awful lot of cookies, at least 100 dozen per volunteer.

Kairos will be held in the prison's Chapel -- which was built in the 1990s through donations (entirely, I believe), and Kathy was one of those out gathering support and donations for its construction.


  • At 10:34 PM, Anonymous kathy said…

    I am delighted to report that the cookie gathering is going well - albeit it's hard to be competing with the Girl Scouts. Every participant on the team for the weekend has the task of raising $150 to cover the cost of the base camp facility and the meals that are prepared and taken into the prison, plus (of course) 100 dozen cookies. I really appreciate everyone who has given in support of this life changing ministry. The work is worth it, even for just one soul. God bless you!


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