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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Weather permitting...

Given the trouble we've had with weather this winter (and it has been unusually bad with flooding, the windstorm and snowfalls), it really wasn't a surprise to see a "Weather Date" (3/31) in the schedule for the Catechism class. When I saw that schedule last Sunday my initial reaction was that that won't be necessary, that we're pretty much past winter's bad weather -- of course, that was before Wednesday's snow/ice storm so maybe it was best that I didn't say anything. And I have seen snow as late as April, though that tended to be little more than a dusting.

But given that this is only his second winter up here, and a most trying one it's been, perhaps it's not a surprise to hear him mention in the announcements the Wednesday Bible Study class and that participants need to bring a notebook, pen or pencil, a Bible, and tire chains.

(Note: I did resort to checking the forecast for Wednesday!)


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