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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

"God blessed my little Bible Study tonight"

...were Fr. Daniel's words when we wrapped up this evening. And who could blame him, with all the classes canceled by or subjected to bad weather this winter? Despite some light rain in the morning, I encountered blindingly bright sun on the way to church this afternoon. (To us Seattle winter troglodytes, "blindingly bright" is probably what everyone else considers normal sun.) It wound up a beautiful day -- though after the class ended this evening, about a mile down Avondale Road I was briefly blinded and buffeted by a rain squall that seemed to come out of nowhere. Probably just more rain coming in.

After Evensong, during which I kept hearing an unfamiliar but knowledgeable and skilled voice behind me (welcome, George!!), we headed down for a light supper prepared by Josephine and Kathy. (Wonderful potato leek soup: to quote a previous appraiser of Josephine's culinary skills, "Josephine rocks!")

Once supper was cleared and the dishwasher filled to capacity (are our numbers growing?), the class began. It was clear Fr. Daniel was prepared, with an almost precarious-looking stack of books on the lecturn. And so we reviewed John 1-5 from last week and extended our way into John 6. This is quite a bit of a faster pace than we took last year through Ephesians.

For my part I wish we'd hear more from the Church Fathers on this, but we simply have less time. And besides, even if we did I'd be missing Deacon Ed's readings from the Fathers, which he did so well for the Sunday morning Ephesians class. You'd almost think you were hearing them directly.


  • At 10:44 PM, Anonymous kathy said…

    The food was outstanding - I agree. The spiritual refreshment was quite nourishing, also. The wee ones were also in attendance and delighted us all. We talked about the Bread of Life and the significance of feeding on Him who is the source of all life. Time just flew by! Before I knew it we were in the kitchen cleaning up and getting ready to go home. A good time was had by all who were there - we missed those who were not, and we hope to see them again.

  • At 4:20 AM, Anonymous Kolokotronis said…

    Its a wonderful thing that you are coupling your bible study with readings from the Fathers. +John Chrysostomos' homilies on the Gospel of John, and even more especially those on Ephesians are among the most sublime of Christian writings. When I was about to be married, my father gave me a copy of +John's Homily XX on Ephesians. I've always remembered these short lines:

    "Husbands, never call her simply by her name, but with terms of endearment, with honor, with much love. Honor her, and she will not need honor from others; she will not want the glory that comes from others, if she enjoys that which comes from thee. Prefer her before all, on every account, both for her beauty and her discernment, and praise her."

  • At 8:10 PM, Blogger Continuing Home said…

    kolokotronis, I agree! I think in an earlier post I noted a full bookshelf and more taken up by a recent addition to our library of the works of the Fathers. All I need to do is to quit my job and in one to three years I MIGHT make my way through all of it.

    Assuming I have the education to properly absorb same on my own...


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