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Sunday, April 01, 2007

No foolin', it's Palm Sunday

When folks arrived this morning, there were reminders everywhere that this was Palm Sunday, in the form of this notice on the doors. Nearly everybody gathered in the Parish Hall, where Fr. Daniel opened with a prayer, read from the Gospel according to St. Mark, and blessed the palms.

Then it was out the door and up the walk. As usual, we had a little difficulty staying in sync with the organ -- because we couldn't hear it. Once again, I forgot to suggest that we open the windows on that side of the church for the duration of the procession; maybe one of these years I'll remember to suggest that. (Or maybe when they install the organ speakers they can put a small one outside, with a switch so we can turn it on for the procession only.)

Everything went fine after that -- between Fr. Daniel's and Josephine's hard work, the services are beautiful. (Some pictures from today are here.)

We have a busy time ahead. I hope Fr. Daniel's planning to take some time off after it all. Especially with Deacon Ed away, he's going to be busy!


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