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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Tuesday before Easter

Our turnout was a bit smaller today than yesterday, though it probably wasn't due to all the sunshine since some of the attendees were different. Another short, simple service albeit with a bit of confusion over "The Continuation of The Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ, according to Saint Mark": it's the reading appointed for the Gospel, but the service is not The Order for... Holy Communion, so: do we sit or stand?

On the other hand, the congregation all stood when the silent procession from the Sacristy around to the altar began, and that just seemed right.

During the service, when I was looking for the appointed hymn (#75, Passion Chorale), my eyes latched on #76 Mainz and it looked rather a bit like what we used to sing during the transitions between the Stations of the Cross. I had to wait until I got home this evening to check -- but it's not. Somewhat similar, but it's not it and what we sang is not in the Hymnal, 1940. (Unless maybe in the material added later, but I don't have an up-to-date hymnal at hone.) I remember the readings and singing for the Stations... but every church and every priest is different and if we tried to do everything everybody remembers fondly, we'd just have a confused muddle.

The readings for today were considerably shorter than yesterday, so we reached the end of the service in short order. Today, against my better judgment because I was under a lot of pressure to complete preparations for a technical class I'm conducting at work (and online, with attendees from India and the UK) early tomorrow morning, we stayed for lunch in the Parish Hall as suggested in the bulletins. At a last minute's decision we packed humble, ever-reliable PBJ sandwiches.

Fr. Daniel seemed surprised when I said I was planning to come tomorrow, I think because I'm not on deck to read, but these little services marking Holy Week are a compelling draw. It was difficult for me today because I could not manage to SLOW DOWN! before it began. But by tomorrow noon I'll be so worn out it might be a struggle to stay awake instead. Not sure if I'll stay for lunch, though -- I have next week's class to prepare plus a magazine article to write, and Friday is a company holiday (which means I can write at home, where I write best.)


  • At 7:40 PM, Blogger Kathleen said…

    Yes, today's noontide service was rather shorter than yesterday's but that isn't entirely bad. Arriving just on the dot, I, too had trouble settling in and in no time at all the service was over. However, it was just enough of a break to create a space of peace in an otherwise busy day.

    This evening's 5:30 service was an entirely different experience.

    Father and I were joined by George and the Drew and Deedee Miller family complete with Prudence and Newton. The 51st Psalm was appointed for the evening and we read it antiphonally - the balance of male and female voices was just about perfect. My heart was gladdened by Prudence's recital of the Lord's prayer (somehow when a child prays it draws you in closer to Christ). The concluding Hymn, #70 "Go to dark Gethsemane" was well intoned, though there were not enough different voices for 4 part harmony. Maybe next time.....?

    It is well worth attending one of these evensong services - expecially if you cannot make it midday. It wraps up the day rather nicely, I think.


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