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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A visit with the Archbishop?

This one needs prayers, it is SO close! I have a day trip to San Francisco tomorrow, and have some down time between the time my flight gets in and when business begins. Since I'll be only 2 miles from Archbishop's office at St. Thomas it seemed like a great opportunity for a visit, particularly since I missed the Synod held there (away on business) last year and have never seen St. Thomas.

We talked last evening, so it's tentatively set up.

Unfortunately, I learned today, the security in the building where I'm headed has been heightened, so instead of showing up at 1 PM the camera crew wants me there 12:15 to 12:30 so we can be through security and ready to start at 1. So I started studying bus schedules intently. It turns out SF Muni's website has a really good trip planner, and so I set up the parameters and started tweaking to see the best way there and back.

If everything goes right -- I catch the first BART train from SFO after anticipated arrival time, catch the first bus from the BART station in SF after arrival there, catch the buses placing me at my business destination at 12:17, and run REALLY FAST to/from St. Thomas, I have 4 minutes for a visit.

I think I can turn it into 20 minutes by taking a taxi to St. Thomas, but wow! SF taxis are not inexpensive, I've learned.


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