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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Amish Mass

Today I was able to make it to the second of Drew's classes on "The Flesh & The Spirit in the writings of St. Paul." (No class notes, so I'm in the dark on the first.) Interesting study, but just as it was leading into a very interesting discussion for which I was trying to formulate a thought for contribution, I had to duck out to prepare for the service, noticing in passing that the organ was still locked up. Odd.

As noted in the preceding entry, our regular organist Josephine is away at UC Santa Barbara this week for a lecture and recital, part of her work towards her doctorate in music. (We're praying it all goes well.)

Fr. Daniel has a doctorate in music already, and between the two of them the music program at St. Bartholomew's has reached levels I've never before seen. It's wonderful, and there's a plan to take it further, but that's for later.

Today, though, we went in a slightly different direction. With Josephine away, Fr. Daniel decided that instead of calling on our backup organists (yes, now plural), we'd do the Order for Holy Communion a bit more "Amish style," as he put it -- the hymns would be sung a capella.

I confess that inwardly I winced a little when I heard this. We've had a capella services in the past and, well, we weren't as bad as the choir at a previous church where they quite honestly called themselves "The Joyful Noise" (but we knew them well so it didn't matter; they were trying), but I was quite often relieved when it was over.

What a surprise! The congregation sang quite well; I think I heard several strong voices leading the rest.

I just wish I'd memorized the words to Adoro Devote (#204), a favorite, so I could have sung along while serving the altar.


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