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Friday, September 28, 2007

Fifth Sunday

For some reason all the calendars I have around almost hide the fact that Sunday the 30th is the fifth Sunday in the month. Per the rota that's been drawn up I'm usually the Lay Reader if we have a fifth Sunday in the month, as well as the first Sunday always; I was sort of lamenting the fact that I was going to be away the first Sunday in October -- but it was made almost right yesterday when Ranjit e-mailed his weekly reminder to the servers (or their parents) and, sure enough, I'm on the list.

(I say almost right because I'm still going to miss the first of Drew's special study: "The Flesh & The Spirit in the writings of St. Paul.")

It's a Sunday to look forward to, also. The Seminarian Care Package will be finalized, and we'll welcome four new members to St. Bartholomew's.


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