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Friday, October 26, 2007

Many Talents

The past few years I've been amazed at the myriad talents our parish members have, just waiting for the right time to show. That Microsoft software guy Drew is also a master chef, for example (Ranjit too, and maybe one day he and Meyya will have time to conduct an Indian cooking class).

Last weekend, though, I was surprised and amazed by the paper wreaths decorating the windows of the Parish Hall, apparently created for the upcoming ACW Bazaar to be held in the Parish Hall Nov. 9th and 10th, 9 AM to 3 PM. (This is a shameless plug: if you're in the area, do come by.)

There some were multicolored ones and some were single-colored, but all were beautiful. I'd seen nothing like these before, and when I asked I was told that Diane made them during the Womens' Arts & Crafts Social last Friday. Whoever told me about it Sunday described as she just sat down with some paper and scissors and... there was another one.

Also a bit surprising to me was the way the camera refused to take a proper picture of them. Picture after picture came out over-saturated, as in the first photo posted here. If I shot from a long distance so the picture was a bit dark, it worked better.

But in any event, here was yet another unsuspected talent in our midst suddenly on display.

(It's a measure of how busy the week was that I didn't get around to this posting until tonight, having planned it Sunday afternoon, but better late than never. I also had been planning to be at the Bazaar to help out and take pictures but just realized that I can't; I'm going to be in Egypt for a committee meeting instead -- my talent seems to be a high tolerance for coach class airplane seats and hotel meeting rooms.)


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