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Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve Evensong

For all the earlier forecasts there was no rain this afternoon and evening, which was nice. And though I arrived a few minutes later than I'd intended, there was still just enough light in the sky to get a reasonably good picture of the church decorations -- admittedly they could have been better, but it was pouring quite heavily when we put them up.

Inside Fr. Daniel and Josephine (on the organ) were working with the choir, and Claire and Kathy were warming up their flute and harp.

One small hitch in the service: it's been our tradition to have the "empty stable" at the beginning of the service, with the children bringing up the figures at one point in the service to make the creche (all but the three wise men, who are added at Epiphany) -- but this year with so many children in the choir there weren't enough for all the figures, so younger children were drafted, resulting in plenty of happy confusion.


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