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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Eve

With the number of people traveling for Thanksgiving, I guess I am not too surprised that the pews weren't packed full for the Choral Evensong last night, but those who who weren't there missed a great evening.

Fr. Daniel has clearly been working hard with the choir, with some male voices joining those of the Girls' Choir. No doubt he'd have had some comment, based on the final practice beforehand, but it sounded perfect to me.

And the presentation of the service also was well done. As we anticipated (and had) folks present who were not familiar with our Book of Common Prayer, or with how the service would be conducted this evening, Fr. Daniel had printed up service booklets with the entire service therein. And so people wouldn't get lost, portions sung by the choir or said by Fr. Daniel were printed in gray. The only additional book needed was the Hymnal for the two hymns sung by everyone.

On the way out gift bags were given to our guests as they left the Nave. DeeDee bought some very nice-looking bags, and Claire and Kathy worked for hours to make pumpkin loaves and Challah bread to go into the bags, along with our latest newsletter and a flyer about St. Bartholomew's.

Then those who were staying for headed down to the Parish Hall for a sumptuous dinner hosted by Drew and DeeDee. (Some braved the unusual and sudden sub-freezing temperatures outside and took the walk down, the rest went down the inside stairs.)

A surprise treat was in store for us: Ruby, who was singing in the choir, had recently joined the Seattle Youth Symphony, her first performance with the orchestra was last Sunday -- and a radio broadcast of it started shortly after we sat down!

(Sadly, I had not been feeling up to snuff and was getting progressively worse, so I had to leave before dinner was done. But I'm not the least bit sorry for having gone.)


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