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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Busy time

All the St. Bartholomew's e-mails flying about this past week, and not just those from Fr. Daniel, show this to be a really busy time for the parish. What with last week's Bazaar, preparing the Girls' Choir for a new year, getting the latest parish newsletter out, kicking off the Stewardship Campaign, and preparations for Wednesday evening's Thanksgiving Eve Choral Evensong and dinner, Fr. Daniel had to postpone the Schola Cantorum and Lay Reader training.

The Evensong and dinner is also generating lots of e-mails as we work out details for the little gift packages for our visitors. (Church members are inviting friends to the service and dinner as an outreach.) Kathy & I are to do some initial setup and greet arrivals beforehand -- I just hope we'll be up to it. The cold I got in Cairo just kicked into high gear, an hour after today's service ended, and Kathy seems to have caught something there that has her sleeping most of the time.

Fr. Daniel also announced the Stewardship Campaign; Matt will be Stewardship Chairman this year, taking over from Gordon. Matt brought new perspectives in with the Evangelism for Anglicans class earlier this year; it will be interesting to see how the Stewardship campaign goes.


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