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Friday, February 08, 2008

Anglican Bangalore

were the search terms for which Dogpile brought up what might be the answer to the conundrum in the previous posting. It shortly led me to Discover Bangalore which, among the perhaps slightly inflated prose (a one-day visit doesn't tell one much), has a great photo gallery of its red-painted high court and unpainted legislative buildings, plus some other photos that bring back memories. I wanted to post the rotating gallery, but don't know about copyrights, etc., so you'll have to click through to see them. (Those little yellow and black vehicles? Three-wheeled economy taxis.) Is Bangalore one of those cities you could fall in love with? I think it possible. Did I mention that it bills itself as India's "Silicon Valley"?

But anyway, that page led me a bit further on my search for the Anglican church in India, to St. Mark's Cathedral... and lo and behold, it's no more (and possibly quite a bit less) than 300 meters from my hotel -- closer than St. Thomas Fifth Avenue, New York, was from hotel there last month. It's apparently the oldest Anglican church in Bangalore, has an active website, appears to conduct services in English (with a Sunday schedule I should be able to meet).

Just received my passport this afternoon from the visa office with a brand-new 10-year business visa for India.


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