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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Touch and Go

"Touch and Go" seems to be my new work "lifestyle," one that's interfering with this blog. Although I enjoyed Munich immensely -- the few hours I got spend to spend downtown, including dinners in the Ratskellar and the famous Hofbräuhaus (in the company of Canadian and Polish colleagues) -- I also got word that I was to be off to the East Coast this week and so I started booking the upcoming trip soon after I arrived in Munich.

("Touch and Go" also describes the experience of the Continental Airlines pilot landing in Frankfurt, Germany about the time I landed in Munich -- apparently there is a frightening video of his dealings with the wind upon landing. What I experienced in Munich was reminiscent of Dec. 2006 here, with trees whipping back & forth in the winds; I'm just glad their trees are so much smaller than ours.)

I'd reset most of the clocks in the house last night so being up in time was no problem. (And hey, it's only a one-hour change -- really easy compared to the 3, 9 and 11-1/2 hour shifts I regularly make.)

But this morning I felt a real sense of disconnect. Two weeks ago (was it only two weeks ago I was last at church?) I'd noticed some shoots coming up in the gardens. Today they were daffodils (Kathy says "jonquil," "daffodil" is a Welsh name but I prefer the Welsh) and I realized I'd missed St. David's Day.

And more. Our Genesis Bible Study for Lent moved on while I was gone (naturally) and so now it's become a series of disconnected stories. I'm saddened for what I've missed because when the Church Fathers are brought in, there is so much more to learn. (It would be unfair to Fr. Daniel to ask for a "self-study" document to play catch-up -- his hands are so full already.)

But even beyond this it was a shock to realize that today is Passion Sunday, next Sunday (I'll be here!) Palm Sunday, and the Sunday after that: my birthday -- first (and last) time for me it will fall on Easter.

After this trip I expect to be home for 5 whole weeks and plan on being here (cameras in hand) for the Easter Even baptisms.


  • At 9:42 AM, Blogger J. Gordon Anderson said…

    If you haven't, you should rent the DVD "The Lives of Others". It is a German film about life in east Germany just before the fall of communism. It is a spectacular film. can't say enough good about it. Great in every way.


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