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Thursday, February 07, 2008

Back to Bangalore

As noted in the previous entry, I leave next week for 10 days away on a visit to Bangalore (India's "Silicon Valley"), which I visited for a day in my previous trip to India two years ago. Except for the long transits getting to India and back, I'm looking forward to this -- even though it's going to be pretty much just work while I'm there. But when discussing this at the Shrove Tuesday supper, Fr. Daniel thought I should check out a local Church of India, and Ranjit concurred.

So I did, except it's the Church of South India there, but I found they had a church in Bangalore,and it's only two kilometers down Mahatma Gandhi Road from my hotel.

So I thought I might be able to attend a service there. But they do not appear to have a website, and all there is online is a history of the church (this web page appears to be posted at several locations online). And reading that, it appears that several congregations now worship there, the largest a group of Christians with services in Tamil. Maybe I can find out after I arrive.

But there are also places to revisit (this time with camera!) within close walking distance, including the settings for the state's impressive red-painted high court and legislative buildings. To this American, somewhat familiar with our state capitol campus, the sheer size of these state buildings is humbling -- you could lose our entire campus in this building! But then again the state of Karnataka has 10 times the population of Washington State.


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