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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Final Arrangements

I've forgotten how many months it's been since Fr. Daniel asked to me to make (or delegate) the arrangements for the Diocese of the Western States' annual Synod that St. Bartholomew's is hosting this year, starting on Thursday. It has been a while with a few difficult issues to work through, but things seemed pretty much in place early last week -- until Fr. Daniel asked about music for the banquet, and apparently subsequently about music for the services held at the meeting hotel prior to Saturday.


It turns out a piano rental for the services would cost quite a bit, but it seems Kathy came through with a purchase of a keyboard. Funny me, she told me this initially out of context and I was wondering what kind of computer keyboard would cost so much.

So they were to get together this afternoon and go over the music for the services. At this point it would seem everything ought to be in place and for anything overlooked we'll just have to punt.


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