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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Snow, Blossoms for Synod?

During lunch with Fr. Daniel on Wednesday (Tuesday?), I noted that I'd heard on the radio that snow was forecast for this weekend. Fr. Daniel was surprised (it IS rather late for snow) and hoped it wouldn't because everything was beginning to blossom so the grounds would look good when the priests and delegates to Synod arrive next week.

But I checked the online forecasts and yes, they said snow.

Yesterday afternoon it started here at home with what we call "popcorn snow" -- little round balls that are almost hail, but more like the consistency of snow. Not a lot, and it was too warm for it to stick, until evening when it turned to real snow. (Kathy was at the Ladies' Arts & Crafts Social yesterday afternoon where they were assembling the Synod gift bags, and sent me a couple of pictures from her cellphone showing snow on the ground.)

Last night on the weather radar I saw a storm center stall somewhere between Vancouver BC and Bellingham WA, with precipitation rotating counterclockwise around it. By this morning the storm center has only shifted 50 miles south, and there is a bit of snow on the ground. Although I see a big slug of snow about advancing on to Tacoma, probably arriving at Sea-Tac airport about the same time I intend to for my flight out this morning.

It doesn't look good for St. Bartholomew's blossoms for Synod.


  • At 8:28 AM, Anonymous Matt said…

    Thanks for the definition of "popcorn snow". I was standing in it yesterday with two Northwest natives, and neither gave me that name whent I asked "What the heck do you call this stuff?!".


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