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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Final Final Arrangements

Well, maybe I spoke too soon.

It seems Kathy will be playing her harp for the services, but apparently the keyboard will come in very handy for this summer's Choir Camp.

In the meantime Fr. Daniel discovered our 1889 Sears & Roebuck parlour organ (pedal pumped), which did service for St. Bartholomew's on special occasions from time to time before we moved into our building. It's a little heavy and very bulky, and I no longer have a pickup in which to transport it, but with its four banks of reeds (most have but two) it has quite a voice. It has been a fixture in the living room for so long I hadn't even thought about it for the Synod services...

But registration opens tomorrow afternoon, and then Synod is underway.


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