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Friday, April 25, 2008

"Harp not on that string"

Since I was not going to be at Synod, arrangements were made for Kathy and others to take photos of Synod so that I could post them on the blog. But of course "No battle plan ever survives contact with the enemy" (attr. Field Marshall Helmuth Carl Bernard von Moltke) and so far this has held true.

Kathy's camera has not been seen since our trip to Cairo, though we think it's in a box or bag with some Cairo memorabilia (she may have found it last night), Nancy's camera uses a type of memory card for which we have no reader and there are no mini-USB cables in the house to connect to the camera (I have them all). But her camera cellphone rides to the rescue -- and she can e-mail them direct to my Gmail account.

Of course, I have to be online to get them and post them here and I'd not figured on being as busy "socializing" as I was. Usually the last night of our meetings I slip out for a quick, quiet dinner alone but my committee had other ideas last night.

I thought maybe I'd get an opportunity during meeting breaks this morning but ended up dealing with committee issues.

I knew I'd be absent this afternoon while touring Gettysburg battlefield, which I quickly learned requires at least a day, maybe two.

And then I'd arranged to have dinner with a friend here in Baltimore, third year in a row, and as usual it went a bit late.

So I just checked my e-mail and there are a bunch of pictures from yesterday and today, awaiting attention. This is one from yesterday morning before the service of Kathy's harp.

The quote? From Shakespeare.


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