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Monday, August 04, 2008

Church, Camp & Common Prayer

We have several campers who for various reasons were not able to come to the Diocesan Family Camp, in part because it's so far away. There have been discussions of having a parish campout, but these have gone nowhere. Fr. McGrath noted some likely prospects nearby (one about a mile or so from my house, but it's a 10 mile drive around to get there), and Drew some others a bit further.

I'm sure if "we" called it others would join us, perhaps the McGraths. I actually had two full sets of camping gear other than sleeping bags -- though a recent lantern and stove failure set that claim back a little. One issue is schedule, though; it would probably have to run through Sunday, especially if we started Friday because most campgrounds have a checkout time of noon. But Sunday service could be covered by the non-camper clergy and/or lay readers.

But what with the busy schedules this month of our Microsoft employees, events at the church including Camp Cookie, the Work Party and Choir Day Camp, and vacations just announced it doesn't look like it could happen before mid-September and by then we'll have the rainy season bearing down on us. (And maybe early -- the autumnal early-morning fogs have already begun.)

Not to mention that my fall travel season will then be underway, which takes me out of the running.

But I still think it would be fun. Maybe next year, with some real planning put into it.


  • At 6:36 PM, Blogger The Miller Menagerie said…

    I've been meaning to send out an email....

    I've found several nearby (1 hour or less drive) group campsites that were open on Labor Day weekend (and the weekend after that. If we could wrap our mind around the time we wanted to reserve it (Thurs-Sun. like diocesan camp, something different?), we could get something cooked up for a month from now!

    Let me know if y'all are interested in a summary of what's available and cost involved. It's probably not too late! And I'd volunteer to set up a base camp the entire length to ensure our group was occupying the space for the length of our reservation.


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