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Sunday, August 17, 2008

What if they held a work party...

...and nobody came? Well, it wasn't really like that, for last week's work party transferred to this on account of rain. Several of us showed up, but it was HOT yesterday. When the sun is unbearably hot at 8:30 you know it's going to be a scorcher and besides, a health alert had been issued for the area.

There were a few tasks to be done such as washing the windows (every work party the windows get washed), but I joined Paul in spreading some new gravel. Fortunately (because his back and my foot were hurting) Gordon said he was going to rent a bobcat for that.

That gave me the opportunity to head up the road to the library for the rest of the day, working on a powerpoint that's due tomorrow and which has taken an inordinate amount of time to compose (and it's still not done).

At least it was air-conditioned, and today was one of those days we wish the church had A/C. Not quite as hot as yesterday but muggier from a storm that came through last night with lightning and thunder and (at our house) rain, so we had service with the lights off (particularly in the sanctuary, the floodlights can get warm) and all the windows open.

Uh, oh. I remember Fr. McGrath talking about hosting Wednesday night's "Musical Soiree" at their house, but the forecast is for rain Monday through Thursday.


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