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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Choral Evensong

Tonight's Choral Evensong was, as expected, beautifully done and the choir was in fine voice. The turnout was a little low and this year, unlike last, we had no visitors -- a small disappointment but then again there isn't much tradition (yet) of a church service the evening before Thanksgiving. But they passed out the loaves Kathy had baked for the gift bags among the parishioners present and on this chilly evening we all enjoyed Claire's hot apple cider, poured in the Narthex.

Per Fr. McGrath's request I set up the digital camera to photograph the service for posterity, 1 frame per minute, starting a half-hour before the service. I thought a frame a minute would be sufficient to catch everything, but we must move a lot faster than I thought. One frame is clearly before before the procession out began, in the next the Sanctuary is empty, and in the third the candles are out and people are getting up.

Next year we should record the service.


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