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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Internet Age

The Rev. Dr. Daniel McGrath and Dr. Josephine McGrath (both doctorates in music -- are we blessed? Am I bragging?) have put together what sounds like a wonderful program for tomorrow's Thanksgiving Eve "Choral Evensong," which will certainly include our choir. Some of the rest of us have more minor parts to play (I think I'm being asked to help set up "entranceway lighting" and maybe another minor duty or two, commeasurate with my abilities).

Fr. McGrath also put together a very nice-looking flyer (which I'd previewed on the 7th at lunch with him), which has been distributed in some locales.

But yesterday I realized I have a lot of "Internet" contacts, folks to whom I'm not even sure how I'd send paper mail, a few of which might be interested in attending. So for them I created an electronic copy of the flyer (in .gif format) and placed it online in case they were interested from a one-line blurb.

It could be better, but this "electronic flyer" was done last-minute and minimally-sized for low-speed connections:


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