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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Not quite so far away

Although I received an e-mail 11 days ago that the latest newsletter (vol.1 no.5) of the Province of Christ the King, Christus Rex, had been posted online, I only just now downloaded it... and wow! Under Dr. Stanford's direction this has really grown from the occasional black&white newsletter from "headquarters" to a real channel for education, and for learning about and keeping up with other parishes, priests and parishioners all across the province.

With the reduced costs of publishing it in an online format (PDF, so it can be printed for those without computers or internet access), we get a full-color newsletter too.

But the best two items, for me, are buried in the back on pages 7 and 8. First is news of "Augie's", a coffeehouse outreach to Chico State (CA) students run by St. Augustine's. I remember visiting when it was under construction but didn't expect it to be decorated with Celtic artwork -- that must have taken a LOT of time, but it's beautiful!

The second is the opening of three new congregations in the Diocese of the Western States, particularly St. Jude's Anglican in Grants Pass OR and St. Paul's Anglican in Bend OR. Sometimes I've felt like St. Bartholomew's was way out on the frontier because reaching the next nearest parish (St. Luke's, Redding CA) required a long day's drive; now we're not quite so far away.


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