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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Venture Not Forth Sunday (in Advent)

Today was the lowest Sunday at St. Bartholomew's I've yet seen in over 25 years -- only three families present. The windstorm did strike last night, as evidenced by the tree debris blown everywhere, but there didn't seem to be much in the way of power outages (except at my house).

We got some more snow too. My guess is that that's what kept people home; the roads were definitely in worse shape than yesterday -- and not long after the service ended it started snowing again.

It's a shame -- Fr. McGrath and the choir had been working on a Choral Mass for today. Today's class, the last of Fr. McGrath's Advent series, was also canceled. Still I have a copy of the handout to read, filling out my set of the series, titled "Four Images of Preparation from the Four Gospels," with the sections:

The Patriarch
The Prophet
The Expectant Mother
The Messenger
So I have some reading to do. And several days of snow ahead in which to do it. Fr. McGrath's work won't be completely for nought.


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