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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Selah (again) and conflict

I had not meant to be so long away from the blog, but this week's travel plus preparations for a 2-hour talk next week caught up with me. Again. I haven't even managed to download the travel photos from my camera yet (did the diocesan Family Campout really end only last week?) -- not to mention I'm now quite out of touch with what's going on this week at St. Bartholomew's.

My big problem is what to do Saturday? I've got three events to attend, including St. B's Men's Breakfast (and Work Party, I presume) as well as the Pacific Northwest Highland Games down in Enumclaw. I missed last month's MB&WP (traveling) and as Master Chef Gordon is back on the job I'd like to be there, but family are wanting to go to the Games.

Saturday update: Well, that was easily solved: none of the above. A run to Urgent Care with a massive nosebleed instead. Hopefully a byproduct of yesterday's cauterization rather than a repeat from the Family Campout two weeks ago.


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