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Thursday, November 19, 2009


While I was away in Denver I received very unhappy news: one of our member families has left. Maybe it wasn't a very big surprise: from where they live it's a LONG drive to get here and circumstances have changed from when they joined, to make it considerably more difficult for them to get here. I'd seen some of these difficulties and when their recent effort to move closer fell through, well, I guess this was inevitable. (Will they remain in the greater Seattle area too? I guess not, for similar reasons.)

I commend them for trying. When we moved to Seattle over a quarter-century ago and tried to find an ECUSA church home, we drew the boundaries of our search rather a bit closer than what they regularly drove. (But I don't think that extending our range would have produced any better results; we were simply intended to be here in our "continuing" home.)

In case they check in on this blog I will merely wish them "good-bye" in the original sense of, which Fr. Leen always loved to remind us, an earlier-English contraction of "God be with you."

God-speed, y'all. We're going to miss you.


  • At 3:50 PM, Blogger The Miller Menagerie said…

    Finally had time to check the blog AND post a note!! Yay for weekends!

    We'll miss you guys (and a lot of the folks we've met at St. B's). We've thought over trying something different (other than Continuing Anglicanism) for nearly 5 years now, basically, once Prue was born. For the last 2.5 we kept getting the itch to try something different, but just kept staying the course. Advent, and this year, felt like the right time, for our family, to take the plunge.

    We love the Davises so much, and are stoked to have them closer to us, now!!

    And, don't worry, our paths will cross again, inspite of not getting to see each other Sunday to Sunday.

    On a down note: It looks like our commute is going to be even farther! We're still not settled on a church home, but are very, very psyched about a Latin Rite church downtown, especially, after checking out some neighborhood RCC's. The one we attended on the 1st Sun. of Advent was a major strikeout-complete with NO CREED during the mass (are you kidding me???)

    I know the future is looking brighter for the APCK, especially in the realm of mission work and lay vocations. So, for all I know, we'll completely strike out in the Roman or Orthodox church, and decide that Anglicanism is where it's at for our family. As 2 cradle Anglicans, it was so scary to try something different, but we'll never know if we don't try.

  • At 4:18 PM, Blogger Continuing Home said…

    Yay for weekends AND for being home for a while! (When I got home from the last trip, having learned I was going to participate in that conference after arriving at my destination on the preceding trip, there was an invite to a government agency workshop in D.C. mid-December! Groan. But I was able to decline this one.)

    We miss you all, but fully understand the difficulties of the long haul! I keep praying something will find you a home closer -- and not just to St. B's but to work.

    No Creed during Mass? Incredible. "Run away..." (sorry)


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