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Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas services -- and changes

It's certainly a busy time for Fr. Davis. Last evening led off with "A Festival of Nine Lessons Carols" well constructed to take us from Genesis through the promises and prophecies to the Annunciation through Epiphany and the Incarnation. Not all the carols were familiar, and it seems if there was a choice of tunes, the unfamiliar was chosen. The program included performances by our little choir and readings by various members of the congregation, yours truly included (I had enough voice for that, at least). It concluded in almost exactly one hour; I am impressed!

This service was the first for our new organist. I am sorry I didn't make a proper introduction afterwards, but I was fading quickly and had to go home to rest before I became even more ill.

At 9 PM was the first Eucharist of Christmas, but all I have are reports to draw on. A beautiful service, with plenty of incense, but a little confusing to the congregation because of the promised relocation of the Gloria from its location near the end of the service to near the beginning. I gather there is plenty of debate over this: I am very accustomed to the Gloria being where the 1928 BCP places it, though to me it's long seemed a little bit of an interruption in the flow of the liturgy.

This morning at 10 we returned for a said Mass (with the "kids" still asleep, having been up very late last night). Simple and quiet -- and with an unusual chill outside (16F at home), but at least clear blue skies and no snow.

There is still a fair amount of "activity" ahead, but once we're past Epiphany I expect Fr. Davis will be taking a needed and well-deserved rest.


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