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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Feeding Tent City 4

An item on our calendar but hardly noted here was our second provision of dinner last night for "Tent City 4", a "roaming" camp for the homeless, currently hosted by The First United Methodist Church of Bellevue.

Having come home rather early from work somewhat ill (still) I did not attend, nor do I have photos, but I gathered that the Parish started in on preparing and baking pies Sunday after the service (one verbal report nervously noted Ranjit's guidance of the boys wielding very sharp knives to slice the apples for the apple pies). I suspect the "campers" were not treated to my favorite: "tofu pumpkin pie" -- which you will not like (at first) if you are used to the traditional custard-like pumpkin pie. ('Nuff said.)

In any event, the menu changed recently and the main course became lasagna. All sorts of lasagna -- home-made, store-bought, vegetarian and meat.

Reports are that it was all well-received and appreciated. (With questions like "Who ARE you folks?!?") Our people were invited to join, but only after the residents had eaten.

I had one of the "veggie home-made" lasagnas for supper afterwards, and it was good!

Although the original organizer of these events has moved on, from what I hear we have another regular tradition going forward.


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